Angela Diehl

  • Starting a New Project

    Please contact me at (214) 549-1324 or to discuss your project.  To ensure optimal and timely completion, please allow at least 10 days in advance of your due date if possible.  Multimedia projects like 2D animation may require more time.

  • Planning & Design

    1. Discuss project details
    2. Send estimate for approval
    3. Start sketching
  • Creating the Artwork

    1. Begin working on final illustrations
    2. Share progress along the way for feedback
    3. Collaborate on final product


Medical illustrators collaborate with research scientists, physicians, surgeons, and other specialists to promote education, research, and patient care. To see examples of the types of projects we can help you with, visit the Association of Medical Illustrators website.


Most projects are visual explanations of biomedical and scientific concepts that may be difficult to explain with photographs or text alone.  The target audience ranges from the scientific and medical communities to the general public, patients, and grades K-12 and higher and continuing education.


Multimedia projects can include illustration, 2D animation, video, narration, music, captions, and labels, depending on your audience and purpose.